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More2Coffee and Odisee to develop coffee bio-actives for cosmetics

February 29, 2024
Polyphenols analysis

More2Coffee has signed an agreement with co-university college Odisee to develop bio-active extracts from coffee wastestreams. In our first R&D project, which runs until the end of 2024, we will compare different types of wastestreams, optimize extraction efficiency, measure anti-oxidant activity and analyze individual polyphenolic molecules in the extracts. For the preparation of the extracts, we will be using state-of-the-art clean technology. Next, More2Coffee plans to look into selected end applications, in close collaboration with cosmetic industry. With future upscaling in mind, the project also includes a preliminary cost-benefit analysis.

Developing circular coffee-based extracts for cosmetic applications fits seamlessly into the long term strategy of More2Coffee. Our vision is to establish what we have coined as a “coffinery”, which is an integrated zero-waste biorefinery that transforms coffee waste into a selection of renewable resources for different industries.
Although there are still a number of challenges ahead, we consider the current project as an important stepstone towards our future coffinery.

Odisee’s Biochemical Innovation Team, based at the Technology Campus in Ghent, has long-standing expertise in the valorisation of plant-derived waste and sidestreams, and more specifically in the green extraction of polyphenols (e.g. from apple trees).

We are honoured to have received EUR 25.000 in funding from the Province of East-Flanders for our collaborative R&D project called “Developing bio-active extracts from coffee wastestreams”. More2Coffee was one of the 11 companies and organizations which have been selected for the 2024 circular chain projects program. The program was launched in 2021 to support the transition towards a local circular economy, with a focus on bioeconomy, cleantech and materials.


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