Upcycled coffee oil

To bean or not to bean?

What we generally refer to as a “coffee bean”, is actually the seed of a coffee plant. Just like other seeds, coffee beans contain oil, typically about 10-15% depending on the coffee’s type and origin. These lipids contribute to coffee’s rich flavor, yet > 95% remains trapped in the spent grounds.

What is coffee oil?

Roasted coffee oil is a dark brown, plant-derived oil, liquid at room temperature. Unlike ordinary vegetable oils, it is characterized by a high content of both linoleic and palmitic acids. These fatty acids are renowned in the cosmetics industry for their moisturizing, skin-caring and anti-inflammatory properties.

Coffee oil, the secret treasure buried in spent grounds.

Why we cherish coffee oil

Enriched with phytosterols and vitamin E, it’s perfectly suited as an anti-oxidant and natural anti-aging booster;

It is packed with a wide range of useful actives, such as caffeine, chlorogenic acids and coffee diterpenes, which have known anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and UV-protecting properties;

Coffee oil has proven to be well suited for a wide range of personal care & cosmetic applications including soaps, lip balm, facial care and hair care products, body creams, anti-cellulite treatment and sun protection products;

Above all, coffee oil retains the beloved and characteristic aroma of roasted coffee beans, especially when utilized in its purest form. It is also a natural colorant.

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Introducing … upcycled coffee oil: the newest cosmetic revelation

If you ask us, the best way to enjoy your cup a second time, is through your skin :).

Upcycled coffee oil contains all the best properties of coffee oil while respecting the environment and embracing the zero waste principle. By using upcycled coffee oil, we are reusing spent coffee grounds and giving your cup of coffee a second life, as a booster for your skin.

Upcycled coffee oil can be sourced locally, by processing spent coffee grounds, using a cold pressing technique.

Forget about waste, think resource! Upcycled coffee oil meets all legal EU requirements for cosmetics and its quality matches the oil obtained from freshly roasted beans.

Using upcycled coffee oil allows us to diminish the ecological footprint of personal care products & cosmetics while adding skin-loving properties. Fact: to produce 1 l of new plant oil, it normally takes 4 to 5.000 l of precious water!

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